600 hp Nissan GT-R Nismo test

Before introducing you in a few weeks (or months...) the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2020, we got behind the wheel for a few days of the one before it. Does this track beast like it as well on the road? We tell you a little more...

A hell of a look!

Driving a Nissan GT-R Nismo is a bit like walking the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in a carnival costume, in the middle of evening dresses and tuxedos. Smartphone flashes crackle everywhere you go. Except that the Japanese doesn't just amuse the gallery, she plays a major role in the film's screenplay telling the story of the sports car.

She doesn't intend to compete with the James Bond class, but has enough to star in a Fast And Furious. It was easy, we grant you ... Despite her grey dress, for discretion we will iron. The shield is largely reworked, sees its base dressed with a large carbon blade participating in the aerodynamic balance. For the same purpose, skirts also cut from this material run along the flanks. The rear is as pleasant as the fin. Impressive! nice? We'll let you be a judge.

A touch screen giving engineer information

When you sit inside, with the exception of the tubs, you'll be on board a classic GT-R. Let's not forget the specific steering wheel with its red marker, to better target prey. It must be said that the interior of the non-Nismo variants already resembles that of a sportswoman. Despite the 2016 restyle, the dashboard looks a bit dated. It does not have the chic of an AMG GT, but we crack in front of the analog meters perfectly readable.

The highlight of the show ladies and gentlemen, it marked the launch of the car in 2009. Drum roll... This is the touch screen displaying heaps of customizable data, developed with the game's publisher Gran Turismo. Graphics, torque, all temperatures (box oil, motor oil, water...), rpm, time or instant speed etc. We can tell you that it leaves all cars and other fans of the PlayStation game speechless.

An impressive engine

In a sports car, starting for the first time always does a little something. You have to press the huge red "Start Stop Engine" button placed right in front of the three controls dedicated to transmission settings, damping and anti-skidding. The powerful supercharged 3.8 V6 wakes up with a characteristic sound that has become a landmark for all GT-R enthusiasts. Under this hood, 600 horsepower must be fed Super Without Lead 98. At the time of this test, the litre was exchanged for about 1.70 euros...

Let's move on to the moment when we select the "R" modes, which are the most radical for suspensions and the box. We keep a minimum of ESP so as not to risk getting satelliteized right away. The car starts with... you'd expect, an impressive power. The sensations have on this point strictly nothing to envy to any sportswoman with 2 or 6 cylinders more. The motor skills being excellent (thanks to the all-wheel drive), there is no skating. At that moment, life accelerates. Reports are made on the fly, and the tachometer is panicking beyond comprehension.

We love Launch Control!

We could tell you about the numbers of 0 to 100 km/h or 200 km/h, but that would not reflect the impression of space thrust that this GT-R Nismo provides. Let's be honest, we have blithely exceeded the limits. It takes less than 3 seconds on an open road to put your licence on hold. The sound of the block disappoints most sports fans. It must be admitted that we also find that this GT-R Nismo despite its exhaust partly titanium, proves too little demonstrative to the ear. I don't care... The engine is as full as an egg on its optimal range of use. It responds to all plans regardless of the report undertaken.

We even allowed ourselves to test the automatic start device (launch control). The procedure is classic... and the unparalleled effect. Between two lashes beats, the 200 km/h is already reached. A timer probably more in relation to the world of motorsport, than that of the road sports car. Even if the car seems easy, you still have to be vigilant at all times, as is often the case with these horse-filled cars. Fortunately, the sense of security lives up to its effectiveness. The downside lies in its ability to push the limits of each, in areas of speed that many would consider dangerous.

Exceptional handling

The steering is precise, even a sticky hair. It's better that way... Its chassis is even stiffer than the base model, despite the 1,725 kg (at least). The cape outfit impresses and the exceptional grip has nothing to envy to that of more specialized references. For this, this Nissan must also probably thank its Dunlop gums developed for it. We were worried about braking because of the weight to stop. We are not exaggerating, we can make an emergency stop by dropping the hands of the steering wheel at 200 km/h, the car remains stable and in line. An operation that we believe can be repeated endlessly given the endurance of the brakes that seem indestructible. However, they do not use stung materials at NASA for discs and platelets.

600 hp not so cheap ...

This Nissan GT-R Nismo in the tax context of the time, adding taxes and other roading costs exceeded 200,000 euros. At this rate, we are still starting to get out of the concept of supersport affordable to hypercar performance. You can choose something else, but this Japanese woman has qualities to sell, in addition to a personality against the current of all the competitors in her segment. Which makes it so singular. It is not a question of taking it or not in the place of another, but of having it in addition to other cars in the garage.

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