Fiat 500X FireFly test

No doubt the Fiat 500X has been able to find its customers in Europe, especially in the city where it does not happen long before we cross this small Italian crossover at the turn of a street.

Discreet developments for this vintage

It will be difficult for Fiat to replicate the success of the 500 with its two derivatives of the iconic model. But with 50,000 copies sold in France, the 500X is not so anecdotal in a market where new competing models enrich the offer almost every month. This Fiat 500X stands out and seduces with its style, on-board technology and engines. It is also to test the new generation of FireFly petrol engines that we were invited to the center of Paris to get behind the wheel.

It's impossible to touch the typical 500 family style, so if this new generation of the Fiat 500X goes through a fairly discreet restyling for an unsophisticated eye, the developments are still noticeable for fans of the brand. A modern twist has been brought to the luminous signature both at the front with new daytime lights and at the rear, thanks to new redesigned LED optical blocks showing the body in the center. This is probably the element that will allow you to differentiate this second generation from the first.

On board, we stay in the spirit 500

Also on the lighting side, the Fiat 500X offers optional new Full Led headlights to replace the old xenon lights. These new headlights give both a gain in style but above all in safety by offering 20% more lighting performance (compared to the xenons).

Whether you're more of an Urban or Cross finisher, a few changes add to the character of each of these versions. A redesigned bumper for the chicest (Urban) and new protective plates for the riders (Cross, City Cross) and we are done with the exterior evolutions of this new generation of 500X.

Clearer information on counters

Inside the quality of the materials is increasing and the driving position renews itself a little on this generation. We also always appreciate finding the color of the exterior body inside on the dashboard, especially if we dare to get out of gray or black in exterior color.

The sleek design remains functional, we remain well in the spirit 500 so dear to the brand. You quickly get your bearings behind the wheel and the information given to the driver on the dashboard is clearer.

Well in its time

To help drivers on a daily basis, the Fiat 500X is equipped with new driving aids, including the recognition of speed limit signs that can be associated with the smart speed limiter (it is correlated with the reading of the signs to avoid involuntary speeding) and the adaptive control that we are beginning to know well.

A line crossing alert is also standard added to all versions of the 500X. These driving aids can be complemented by blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking and a few other options to really facilitate traffic in the urban jungle.

Finally, the model is equipped with the latest Uconnect system with a 7-inch touchscreen, offering among other things to be able to plug in your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy some of your favorite apps in your vehicle (with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto).

Two new petrol engines

On the menu of today's test, we test the two new Petrol Engines FireFly 120hp and 150hp of the Fiat 500X on an urban and suburban route, the opportunity to have a more than accurate idea of the behavior of these two new engines in line with the new standards (Euro 6D temp integrating particle filters for gasoline engine) and this in a test in real conditions.

To start the day, it is at the wheel of the new 3-cylinder 120hp associated with the 6-speed mechanical box that we start the crossing of Paris before taking the key to the fields. If the mechanical box in the middle of Paris is not really a joy when you have tasted the comfort of automatic gearboxes, it suffers from no apparent defects and falls well on hand with its round head, it is especially as soon as you have a little space in front of you that you can appreciate the slightly more fun side of this association.

3 or 4 cylinders? Make your choice!

This small 3-cylinder 1.0 l turbo of 120hp hides a sound that is not unpleasant when teased a little, quite the contrary, and associated with the mechanical box it allows to measure the driving either very flexible (and silent) or a little more tonic (and sound) to choose depending on the mood of the driver (or driver). Of course we will always consume a little more than with its equivalent in Diesel, but on the other hand we gain comfort because the engine knows how to be forgotten, sometimes to wonder if the start and stop has started or not to stop in the hubbub of the city. Less torque than diesel, but a driving pleasure that will not leave you in the cabbages, including launched on the highway, once you have tamed the habits of this 3 cylinder, there are no more surprises.

If I'm talking about surprises, it's because the second part of the day made us take the wheel of the second petrol engine, a 150hp 4-cylinder 1.3 turbo combined with a 6-speed DCT automatic transmission. The latter has had some more surprising reactions, certainly a youthful defect that will be quickly corrected, nothing that deserves to conclude that it is not an interesting solution for this model, but these few unjustified runaways contrast a little more with the morning spent behind the wheel of the 120hp version.

This same box also equips the cousin Jeep Renegade, being a little more to the trouble because the Jeep model is heavier than the Fiat and this is felt in its efficiency. Finally, this combination of automatic transmission and 4-cylinder petrol engines invite you more willingly to have a more restrained rhythm, blending into the mass and adapting perfectly to traffic. Once again the pleasure of the engine will lie in its discretion, and even more on this 4-cylinder that will not push by its small sounds to press the pedal on the right to let it express itself, unlike the 3-cylinder version.

Good compromise

This test took us from the heart of Paris to the country roads of the Beauce plains, before plunging us back into the hell of the Parisian traffic jams, allowed us to get a good overview of the real traffic conditions of this model. Gasoline engines less greedy than the previous generation, even if on our test we were above the 6 and 6.5l/100km communicated by the brand (given the dantesque traffic faced, nothing surprising). After these kilometers behind the wheel, it emerges that the highlight of these new FireFly engines is the discretion of these in the cockpit, which will be a significant comfort for your daily journeys. After even if the seats are comfortable, the car remains quite firm, be careful not to think wrongly that the donkey backs and other defects of the pavement will be only a formality.
The Fiat 500X is therefore a model that evolves in coherence with its time: look, connectivity, active safety, more efficient petrol engine, all with a price starting at 18990 for an Urban finish equipped with the new 3-cylinder 1.0l turbo 120hp engine and its 6-speed mechanical box.

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