Our opinion on the new Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo 130 car.

More than a whole new generation, this Corsa marks above all the beginning of a new era for Opel, which is now officially part of the PSA family. But don't think the city car at the blitz is a copy-paste of the Peugeot 208.

A Volkswagen Golf is different from an Audi A3 which is different from a Seat Leon. Yet, technically, these three cars from the VW Group really share a lot. This is exactly the same observation that is required about the F generation of the Corsa, the sixth, which certainly has a lot of genes in common with the Peugeot 208 but stands out on the substance as on the form. More wise lying outside without being bland, the German wants to be more pragmatic, more reassuring, than her 208 and her innovative i-cockpit on board. Admittedly, the Corsa does not have a mini-flying or deported meters with 3D effect and does not present materials as rewarding as its tricolor cousin but this will have for some drivers something positive. Pleasant, with well-designed seats, the driving position here is easy to find and there is no difficulty in reading the counters as on board the Peugeot.

Another good point, the central touch screen placed high but not too much and especially towards the driver does not act like a retina magnet and is simple to use. Finally, if the Corsa, with its plastics largely hard is less "quali" than the 208, the whole is nothing indigent. In short, rather than the wow effect, in good Opel, the Corsa will seduce the pragmatists. However, like the 208, the German spoils less its rear passengers with a narrow access to board (the opening angle of the doors is limited and the threshold is narrow) and a seat certainly wide but on which the large jigs will have to settle or risk manhandling their grip. In short, despite its 4.06 m long, the Corsa, without being riquiqui, is far from being the most welcoming city car in the category. On the other hand, according to its designers, it is one of the nicest to drive, a terrain where Opel was not expected and which is rather that of Peugeot.

Softer rates

If it gets a little better on the road and highway, this side of the ass will not please everyone. But at least Opel will not be blamed for Peugeot and vice versa. Except on the engine side, where the Corsa does unsurprisingly common cause and that's all the better. If during our handling we have mostly given priority to the 1.2 turbo 130 hp petrol version combined with the convincing eight-speed automatic transmission, the same engine deflated to 100 hp in mechanical box is already more than enough, its tone being well helped by a measured weight. In short, if Opel has for a time manufactured sewing machines, the arrival of PSA in its history does not mean a switch of its products to the photocopier, a finding that is also worth side prices softer than those of the lion, with a range starting at 14,600 .

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