Toyota reveals the price of the new Yaris Hybrid

While the price of the new Toyota Yaris was expected to increase in relation to its improved performance, it is proving to be quite contained, at least for the hybrid version.

Unveiled in mid-October, the Toyota Yaris IV has started from a blank sheet. New platform, new look, new engines, new interior, the little Japanese has little more to do with her predecessor. Radical changes that we have already been able to gauge during a first contact in the studio. With the exception of a habitability still perfectable despite the expansion of the wheelbase, the benefits of the Japanese seem to be progressing. Before we even got behind the wheel, which is expected to happen in the early summer of 2020, we were betting on a small increase in the price of this Yaris IV.

Contained increase

But when the order book for the hybrid version is opened, we discover that the increase is contained. For a finished Yaris hybrid, you'll have to pay 20,950 euros, which is 600 euros more than the yaris III entry-level hybrid. At this price, you have to settle for a 7-inch multimedia screen instead of the 8-inch element here in image, but the auto air conditioning, head-up display and smartphone connections are included. The large and very pleasant panoramic roof is standard only on the highest Finish First and only optional on Iconic and Collection. It remains to know the prices of the two thermal versions 3-cylinder atmospheric 1.0 70 hp and 3-cylinder turbo 1.5 90 hp.
Prices of the Yaris IV hybrid in detail
  1.     Yaris Hybrid 114h: €20,950
  2.     Yaris Hybrid 114h Design: €22,450
  3.     Yaris Hybrid 114h Iconic: €24,950
  4.     Yaris Hybrid 114h Collection: €24,950
  5.     Yaris Hybrid 114h Premiere: €25,450

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