Montpellier the hippest success in the motorcycle world

Electric motor Specialized in trial and trail, Electric Motion is a global reference for electric motorcycles.

In a few days, Electric Motion will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Ten years of technological prowess, anticipating the course of history. The Herault SME based in Vendargues, in the metropolis of Montpellier, and its founding president Philippe Aresten, understood before others that the future belonged to electric-powered motors. Especially in the niche trial market, which required low autonomy.

The CEO knew the terrain. Scorpa, which he took over in 2003, produced up to 2,500 petrol (thermal) trial motorcycles annually. The electric was then (at best) smiling. But when in 2014 Bastien Hieyte won one of the French trial championship titles - that of senior 2 - at the helm of an Electric Motion motorcycle, the eyes began to change. "It was a click, and for us too. Especially since it was a standard motorcycle. »
2.2 million euros in sales
Even if the manufacturer remains very present on the trial, it has since expanded its range thanks to the evolution of batteries. Escape or Etrek are trail models, designed for hiking and registered for the road, with a maximum range of 73 kilometers.

The company of 14 employees and 2.2 million euros in sales continued to innovate to make its bikes ever more efficient, lighter, "smarter". Their electronic brain, searchable and remotely controllable, can improve the performance of each bike.
Recharged for 4 cents

All hand-produced with 360 copies in 2019 (with a target of a thousand vehicles in the short term), these jewels sell worldwide, between 6,000 and 9,000 euros depending on the model. "I set myself this challenge in 2013. It required a level of performance, weight and price at least equivalent to thermal bikes. It has been largely held. In addition to not making noise and pollution, being recharged for 4 euro cents, these bikes require no maintenance," concludes Philippe Aresten.

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