Pirelli designs a smart tire capable of communicating with other vehicles

The Pirelli Cyber Tire comes with an internal sensor capable of detecting the condition of the road and eventually transmitting this data to other cars

Connected cars are not limited to a central computer. They require many sensors and data to ensure optimal driving. In this regard, the Italian car company Pirelli has just developed a whole new kind of tyres.

It is capable of detecting the condition of the road, whether wet or damaged, and sending its information to the car control system in order to adapt the assistance to the driving, or even the autonomous driving.

Towards a 5G operation

The Italian company is also considering taking advantage of 5G technology to enable Pirelli Cyber Tire to transmit their information about road condition to a central network that would in turn transmit the data to other vehicles Close. For example, other cars would be aware of the condition of the road before they were confronted with the dangers of it and could adapt their driving in anticipation.

"Thanks to the potential of 5G, Pirelli is able to place the tire in a wider communication context that involves the road transport ecosystem, actively contributing to the development of solutions and services for mobility and systems. autonomous driving," the Italian company said.

Pirelli has teamed up with tech and automotive giants, including Ericsson and Audi, to develop its connected tire. On the way to the future.

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