Everything you need to know about the maintenance book

Too often, you tend to forget your car's maintenance book, failing to include regular care. Yet this essential document is a real passport for a long life

The maintenance book is the health book of a car. Delivered by the manufacturer, it ensures an optimal lifespan and adequate treatment of its parts and its operation. Section L.311-1 of the Highway Traffic Act is unequivocal: "Vehicles must be built, marketed, operated, used, maintained and, if necessary, repaired to ensure the safety of all road users." And it is precisely the maintenance log that makes sure that everything is done according to the rules.

Each vehicle therefore has a different notebook depending on its model, its options and the engine it carries. It is strongly advised to keep this valuable document up to date and to list each failure and revision, to ensure that the correct operations have been carried out.
Each vehicle has its own notebook

It is in the maintenance book that you will find the periodicity of the revisions. Much depends on the model, of course, but also on the type of fuel, the options and its age. A gasoline-powered vehicle will not use parts at the same speed as its diesel counterpart. The maintenance book therefore informs on all the recommended revisions and the frequency applicable to each type of operation (drain, brake fluid, filters, etc.). If you drive little, it is better to count in age rather than in kilometers. The maintenance book is entrusted to the garage owner who maintains the car.

Maintenance book and builder warranty

For a long time, the maintenance book remained linked to the manufacturer's warranty. Many people continue to believe that repairs and overhauls must be carried out by a dealer of the brand. However, since a European regulation dating back to 2004, the cards have been redistributed in order to liberalise a market that favoured a little too much monopoly of manufacturers. In fact, you no longer have to go to your dealership to make sure the warranty holds. On the other hand, your garage must respect the specifications of the brand.

A resale argument

Although the law is by no means binding on this, a perfectly maintained maintenance book is also an excellent selling point for potential buyers. This is evidence of good faith that will be appreciated. The absence of an up-to-date notebook can and should, in any case, sow doubt in the mind of a future owner. Sometimes, however, the notebook is misplaced. This requires ensuring that all pass invoices for the vehicle's workshop are kept.

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